We offer flat-rate pricing, to eliminate some of the mystery from the mysterious world of data loss

Flat-Rate Pricing

Here it is $45/hr., with an average recovery between 4-8 hours. Get this pricing somewhere else? Not likely. The truth is that logical recovery is a fairly automated process that only requires a few minutes per hour attention from a well trained technician. This means that one technician can handle 4-6 recovery machines at a time. The key to a successful business like ours is quality, aggressive service-pricing, and volume. We recover from almost all spinning hard drives, IDE, EIDE, SATA, SCSI, notebook hard drives, internal and external drives, SD and Compact Flash Drive recoveries, and just about any types of media that holds data, for a fraction of the price.

Average cost per recovery: For the most common recovery type(82%), logical recovery costs are between $180 and $360, plus media/shipping. cost for data recovery [compare to $950-4500 industry average ]

Why are you priced so low?

Because we do very well with the volume of drives we service. We service a niche market of customers who cannot afford, or are unwilling to pay $1500 to get a few folders of pictures returned. Many service companies charge 10-15 times our rates because they eventually will get 10-15% of those people contacting them that are desperate enough to pay those rates. We settle for 95% of the people who contact us that like paying 10% of the cost.

What does data recovery cost?

The typical cost associated with data recovery is based on what other people charge, which has NOTHING to do with time, effort, difficulty or any other factor relative to expense. This industry has gotten carried away with charging a fortune for an automated procedure that is routine and a standard recovery requires a technician with a few months of training. This is a very specialized trade, but is by no means rocket science, yet rocket pricing is the standard. Until we came along.