Flash Data Recovery Experts

We recover data from all types of flash drives, including: CF cards, SD cards, CompactFlash Card CompactFlash CompactFlash CF+ Microdrive MiniCard SmartMedia Card (SSFDC) (max 128 MB) xD-Picture Card, xD-Picture Card Type M Memory Stick, Memory Stick SecureMMC Secure Digital (SD Card) miniSD Card microSD Card SDHC MU-Flash C-Flash


Flash Data Recovery

We recover data from all types of flash drives, including: Thumb drives, flash drives, compact flash drives, SD and CF cards, if it was in a camera, we can read it.

Please note: Not everyone understands the complexity of file structure, partitions, and the structural and mechanical issues associated with the most fragile part of your computer. You are wise to seek a Data Professional

The key to data recovery from flash drives and thumb drives

Devices that are removed from device ports, such as USB thumb drive, SD cards, CF cards, and other removable flash media can many times lose their formatting by electrical discharges upon removal, static charges, and other transient voltage problems associated with data loss.

Typical costs of flash media recovery

Flash card and flash memory recovery prices are typically much lower than standard hard-drive based recoveries, simply due to the lower time involved with the process. Most recoveries run between $35-80 plus return shipping/media, or download options are also available. So flash reoveries can be affordable even if you vacation pictures are all that you have lost