Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the questions that our customers have asked about data recovery, pricing, guarantees, and time to retrieve files are answered here

Why did I lose my data?

Most data is lost due to logical errors or simple corruption of the partitions, Master File Table, or other index. This corruption can be due to bad sectors, power surges, viruses and trojans, and even human error. For more detail on causes for data loss consult the articles section

What do you charge to recover data?

$45/hour | Average recovery=$180-360, plus media(DVD, CD), plus shipping.

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Why should I trust you?

No reason. There are many reputable and competent companies that can help you recover your data in the United States, the question becomes : Can you afford their service?

How long have you been recovering data?

Since 1998

Where are you located?

Our facilities are located in the Florida Panhandle, just north of Panama City Beach. If you are out of state you will probably want to insure and ship your drive to us at this address.

Other companies : Most companies that "recover data" are agents of other companies that actually perform the recovery service. This is why a typical recovery takes weeks or more to even give an answer about your data, and why service cost so much. When shopping for a service provider, always ask that question.

Can you recover my data?

If you are attempting to recover data from a hard drive that still spins, and does make any clicking noises, the chances are, 97% of the time, we can recover your files, documents and precious photos for less than $200. Most of the time for a small drive the cost is well less than that. Of course if you have a 250-500 GB drive than the price could be more. Typically we charge for time and difficulty, but for us these are typically low and the savings are passed on to you the consumer. If we run into problems or concerns, you are contacted immediately, and the details are explained to your satisfaction

What does data recovery cost?

The typical cost associated with data recovery is based on what other people charge, which has NOTHING to do with time, effort, difficulty or any other factor relative to expense. This industry has gotten carried away with charging a fortune for an automated procedure that is routine and a standard recovery requires a technician with a few months of training. This is a very specialized trade, but is by no means rocket science, yet rocket pricing is the standard. Until we came along.

Can you recover my files?

On average, we recover between between 1,200-2,300 files per hour, and we have been doing that since 1998. You do the math.