About Us

Since 1998, Data Recovery Experts have been helping people and business find their lost files at a fraction of the cost of the other service companies. Why? Because we think it is important to do the right thing.

-Don Redman, Owner

Why not charge thousands?

Sure, we could charge thousands of dollars to recover your data, everyone else seems to be doing that. I imagine they are doing well despite the fact that most companies are charging many times the rates we charge. The bottom line is: We like helping people, not just taking their money. We charge a flat-rate of $30/hr for recovery services, and we are very fast and efficient. Translation=We perform the same recovery services as other major companies for 10-20% of the price.

Can we help you? If you have lost your precious pictures, your Peachtree or QuickBooks database, or your tax records, we can help

What guarantees to you offer ?

We guarantee not to destroy any data on your drive.

We guarantee not to charge a dime unless we recover your files.

We guarantee you will be very happy with our results.

Additional Terms and Conditions